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How Personality Disorders Impact Treatment Outcomes for Alcohol Misuse and Depression

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Course Description

Course Description

Existing research on the co-occurrence of personality disorders and either alcohol misuse or depressive symptomatology is very limited, even though associations between alcohol abuse and depression have been widely studied. This brief, advanced-level continuing education course, developed using research from BMC Psychiatry, gives a summary of two large randomized controlled trials that addressed the complex interaction between personality disorder cluster scores, alcohol misuse, and depressive symptoms. Background, methods, results, and a discussion of the findings are presented.

Course Objectives

1. Discuss characteristics and treatment needs of individuals with co-morbid alcohol misuse and mental health disorders.

2. Identify the limitations of existing research on the co-occurrence of personality disorders and either alcohol misuse or depressive symptomatology.

3. Outline the components of the randomized controlled clinical trials coordinated by the Centre for Brain and Mental Health Research.

4. Describe the study’s data sources, design and participants, measures, and data analysis.

5. Summarize baseline demographic, symptomatology and substance use data, personality disorder characteristics, and treatment outcome measures.

6. Evaluate how study results strengthen the understanding of the complexities associated with co-occurring alcohol misuse, depressive symptoms and personality disorder.

7. Identify limitations of the study as well as recommendations for future research and clinical practice.

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