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Improving Cultural Competence in Behavioral Health Settings

Course #: 06-371

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Course Description

CE Course Description

The development of culturally responsive clinical skills is vital to the effectiveness of behavioral health services. This intermediate level continuing education course was developed using information from SAMSHA’s Center for Substance Abuse Treatment to demonstrate how culturally responsive skills can improve client engagement in services, therapeutic relationships between clients and providers, and treatment retention and outcomes. An introduction to cultural competence is provided as well as core competencies for counselors and other clinical staff. Additionally, steps to provide culturally responsive evaluation and treatment planning are summarized.

CE Course Objectives

1. Define cultural competence, discuss its importance, and examine how it is achieved.

2. Differentiate between culture, race, ethnicity, and cultural identity and describe the cross-cutting factors in race, ethnicity, and culture.

3. Identify core competencies for counselors and other clinical staff and summarize the characteristics of culturally competent counselors.

4. Examine how culturally competent counselors engage clients and familiarize them with treatment and evaluation processes.

5. Evaluate ways to integrate culturally relevant information and themes in the therapeutic process and to gather culturally relevant collateral information.

6. Discuss the selection of culturally appropriate screening and assessment tools as well as strategies to incorporate cultural factors into treatment planning.

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