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Developing Trauma-Informed Interventions for Juvenile Justice Involved Youth

Course #: 06-585

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Several studies have found that youth entering the justice system have disproportionately high rates of diagnosable mental disorders, and that the traumatic experiences of these youth frequently contribute to the development of behavioral health conditions or exacerbate and intensify the symptoms of these disorders.  This intermediate level continuing education course uses information from the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice (NCMHJJ) and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to outline ways that trauma-informed approaches can be implemented to provide healing, treatment, and support to juvenile justice involved youth and their families.

CE Course Objectives

1. Outline ways that trauma impacts young people, and how those with behavioral health conditions are particularly effected.

2. Differentiate between various types of trauma-related disorders and how such disorders are linked to exposure to traumatic events.

3. Discuss the behavioral manifestations of trauma that youth may display and strategies to avoid exacerbating mental health and trauma-related conditions.

4. Summarize factors that affect the severity of trauma-related disorders.

5. Describe the nine key elements of a trauma-informed approach within the context of juvenile justice settings.

6. Review case examples of trauma-informed approaches that have been implemented with juvenile offenders.

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