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Effective Communication for Program Success

Course #: 06-189

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Course Description

***This course will be expiring on 07/29/2019. After this date you will be unable to take this course for renewal credit.***

CE Course Overview

This CE video course is intended for team leaders, managers, supervisors, program administrators and those who want to accomplish goals they can't do alone. The course covers a language and process for making strong commitments, and for increasing the likelihood that those commitments are kept. Specifically, the course covers the most effective way to make requests and offers so others know exactly what you are asking for, how people can respond to requests in ways that create strong commitments, and how people can manage commitments so that work gets done efficiently. By using the language and process offered in this course individuals and organizations can increase both program success and personal well-being.

CE Course Objectives

1. Learn how to make complete requests which insure the people you ask know exactly what you want and lead to clear mutual understanding of what needs to be done.

2. Be able to respond to requests people make of you realistically so that you don't create false expectations and don't overextend yourself.

3. Understand the difference between responding to requests from others and making offers to other people.

4. Understand the value of making complete requests, offers and commitments at work.

5. Be able to hold people directly accountable when they fail to fulfill commitments they have made to you.

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System Requirements

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