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Eliminating Child Abuse Fatalities

Course #: 06-706

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Experts contend that current approaches have not been successful in eliminating child abuse and neglect fatalities. The purpose of this intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities, is to provide a set of recommendations that incorporate a public health approach to child safety in order to engage a broad spectrum of community agencies and systems to identify, test, and evaluate strategies to prevent harm to children.  The course summarizes how organizations, communities, and priorities can be realigned to identify and support children at highest risk of abuse or neglect fatality.

CE Course Description

1. Provide an overview of the characteristics and consequences of child maltreatment and child abuse and neglect fatalities.

2. Outline recommendations to create effective federal and state leadership and accountability structures to reduce child abuse and neglect fatalities.

3. Identify strategies to address the needs of the populations who are at highest risk of an abuse or neglect fatality.

4. Discuss ways to enhance the ability of national and local systems to share and improve the collection of data pertaining to child abuse and neglect fatalities and life-threatening injuries.

5. Summarize methods to ensure access to high-quality prevention and earlier intervention services and supports for children and families at risk.

6. Describe recommendations to strengthen the ability of CPS agencies to identify and protect children most at risk of harm and to strengthen cross-system accountability.

7. Review examples of communities and programs that have taken steps to initiate change in order to protect children.

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