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Ethical Concerns When Working With Children and Adolescents: Confidentiality and Consent

Course #: 06-1002

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Confidentiality is an ethical concern that is critical in protecting a client's right to privacy by ensuring that matters disclosed to a professional not be relayed to others without the informed consent of the client.  Furthermore, specific privacy concerns must be addressed when working with children and adolescents.  The purpose of this intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the UCLA Center for Mental Health in Schools, is to provide an overview of privacy, confidentiality, and informed consent considerations when working with children and adolescents.  Reasons for protecting children’s privacy are presented as well as how to address dilemmas that may occur.  In addition, policy, law, and ethical standards regarding confidentiality of minors are included along with review of what strategies must be in place to ensure confidentiality and informed consent in school settings and to appropriately share information among agencies.

 CE Course Objectives

1. Identify the fundamental intent of protecting children and adolescents’ right to privacy, including why ensuring confidentiality and informed consent is critical.

2. Discuss dilemmas in confidentiality in working with children and adolescents, including the limits to confidentiality, and consider how to address these dilemmas and share information appropriately. 

3. Describe policy, law, and ethical standards regarding confidentiality and review professional organization policy statements.

4. Evaluate guidelines and models for addressing confidentiality and informed consent and for protecting confidential student health information and records.

5. Consider what strategies must be in place to ensure confidentiality and informed consent in school settings.

6. Examine appropriate strategies for sharing information among agencies in ways that protect and maintain privacy.

7. Identify strengths and challenges of computerized record keeping and sharing as well as safeguards to protect electronic information.

8. Review the specific components of consent forms for release and exchange of confidential information.

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