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How Movies Can Promote Positive Psychology

Course #: 06-663

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Character strengths are fundamental to overall well-being, and movies can be a powerful source to enhance positive effects.  This intermediate continuing education course, developed using the journal article, Magic at the Movies: Positive Psychology for Children, Adolescents and Families, by Linda Jones Rufer, MD, discusses the rationale and benefits of using movies to promote the characteristics of positive psychology.  Discussions include movies as a positive media, using movies to build character strengths, and criteria for advancing positive psychology through movies.  Additionally, the 24 character strengths in the Values in Action (VIA) Classification are highlighted along with an example of a movie that portrays each strength.

CE Course Objectives

1. Summarize research findings on the influences of movie viewing.

2. Discuss the importance of movies as positive media to increase empathy and build character strengths.

3. Identify how movies can be used to supplement education and enhance the practice of psychotherapy.

4. Describe the process of evoking cognitions and emotions that occurs during movie viewing.

5. Outline the criteria for an optimal positive psychology film.

6. Differentiate between the 24 character strengths in the Values In Action (VIA) Classification.

7. Analyze specific movies that exemplify each character strength.

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