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How Peers Influence Teen Dating Violence

Course #: 06-504

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Course Description

CE Course Description

As policymakers at the federal and state levels have recognized the large number of youth who experience dating violence, they have worked to raise awareness of dating violence, prevent violence from occurring, and offer more protection and services to victims. This brief, intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the National Institute of Justice, is designed to give an overview of the contexts in which peers interact and how these interactions can contribute to their risk for and protection against dating violence. A review of relevant literature is presented as well as recommended interventions and implications for future research.

CE Course Objectives

1. Identify the role that peers play in dating violence, and how they may influence help-seeking behaviors.

2. Discuss how group interventions or those focused on social contexts can reduce the risk for teen dating violence.

3. Summarize the mulit-systemic framework of context characteristics that impact peers and teen dating relationships.

4. Describe how dating violence overlaps with peer victimization, bullying, sexual harassment, and other unhealthy adolescent behaviors.

5. Evaluate ways to focus on risky peer networks to identify teens at risk for dating violence as well as the best strategies to use peers and peer contexts as an avenue for preventing dating violence.

6. Consider strategically smart research and evaluation questions that need to be asked as a means to best prevent and intervene in violent teen romantic relationships and to promote positive outcomes.

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