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Interventions for Childhood Conduct and Behavioral Problems

Course #: 06-651

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Course Description

CE Course Description

The purpose of this intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, is to provide an overview of conduct and behavioral problems among school-aged youth. Causes and classifications of conduct and behavioral problems are discussed as well as strategies to address how schools manage misbehavior.  Additionally, numerous interventions to assist young people who struggle with their behavior are presented.

CE Course Objectives

1. Discuss the role of the environment in conduct and behavioral problems and how focusing on changing the environment may impact prevention efforts.

2. Describe common mislabeling of youngsters who manifest emotional upset, misbehavior, and learning problems.

3. Identify ways in which school personnel can rethink, address, and react to student misbehavior.

4. Differentiate between developmental behaviors that are within range of expected behaviors, those that disrupt functioning, and those that meet the criteria of a mental disorder.

5. Outline disparities in school discipline practices and how they can be modified to improve school climate and to focus on positive supports.

6. Summarize treatment interventions for conduct, oppositional, and behavioral problems.

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