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Juvenile Delinquency and Gang Involvement Factors and Prevention Strategies

Course #: 06-378

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Individual characteristics and numerous factors can increase the probability of offending and gang joining and may also predict substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, and other problems during adolescence and early adulthood. This brief, intermediate level continuing education course was developed using the U.S. Department of Justice publications Changing Lives: Prevention and Intervention to Reduce Serious Offending and Changing Course: Keeping Kids Out of Gangs. It provides a brief overview of factors that contribute to and help prevent gang involvement as well as a summary of programs that have demonstrated measurable impacts on offending in early adulthood.

CE Course Objectives

1. Summarize factors that create risks for and protect against a variety of antisocial and problem behaviors.

2. Identify early childhood, juvenile, and early adulthood programs that have demonstrated effectiveness in deterring crime and delinquency in young people.

3. Differentiate between family-based, school-based, peer and community-based, individual-level, and employment-based training programs that have had positive effects on offending behaviors.

4. Describe the consequences of gang involvement, the scope of the problem, and the attraction of gang membership.

5. Discuss the role of families, schools, communities, law enforcement, and public health agencies in preventing delinquency and gang joining.

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