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Trauma Systems Therapy in Child Welfare Settings

Course #: 06-984

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Course Description

CE Course Description

Child abuse and neglect is a serious and pervasive public health problem and public awareness of the complex traumatic experiences of maltreated children has increased in recent years, as has understanding of children's experiences in the context of child welfare service delivery.  The purpose of this intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from Child Trends, is to summarize the results of a five-year evaluation of the implementation of Trauma Systems Therapy (TST) in child welfare settings. In addition to presenting findings of this implementation, an overview of TST is presented as well as adaptions made when incorporating Trauma Systems Therapy-Foster Care (TST-FC), a model designed to be responsive to the circumstances of public child welfare settings. Overall evaluation results are presented as well as conclusions and future implications.

CE Course Objectives

1. Explain the importance and purpose of developing a trauma-informed approach to help children who have experienced abuse and neglect and who have faced family disruptions and separations.

2. Identify the roots and components of Trauma Systems Therapy and how trauma interventions can be embedded throughout all points of contact between children and families.

3. Describe adaptations to TST that were incorporated into Trauma Systems Therapy-Foster Care (TST-FC) to make the model responsive to child welfare settings.

4. Assess key findings from a five-year evaluation of the implementation of Trauma Systems Therapy-Foster Care (TST-FC) in public child welfare settings.

5. List positive outcomes associated with TST-FC implementation as well as challenges that were faced.

6. Discuss implications, conclusions, and areas for future research pertaining to the use of TST to help children who have experienced abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences.

7. Identify specific tools, measures, and approaches that can be used to more effectively implement TST-FC.

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System Requirements

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