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Classifying and Mediating Attention Problems in Youth

Course #: 06-791

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Course Description

CE Course Description

A growing number of children continue to be identified with attention problems, and in addition to school personnel, society in general must assume responsibility for helping these youths. The purpose of this intermediate level continuing education course, developed using information from the Center for Mental Health in Schools at UCLA, is to provide information as a starting point for increasing awareness of ADD/ADHD and related disorders in children. The broad continuum of attention problems is discussed as well as how such problems are classified. In addition, specific strategies to assess, manage, and treat these issues are presented.

CE Course Objectives

1. Identify how attention problems are classified or labeled as ADD/ADHD and frequency of diagnosis and misdiagnosis.

2. Discuss how motivation may impact attention problems.

3. Outline the broad continuum of attention problems, including behaviors that fall within the range of expected behaviors for a particular age group.

4. Differentiate between attention issues severe enough to meet the criteria for a mental disorder and those that cause problems and disruptions but do not meet mental disorder criteria.

5. Summarize interventions for treating attention problems and managing symptoms in the classroom and at home.

6. Describe medication used to treat attention problems.

7. Evaluate strategies for helping a child with attention deficit disorder improve social skills.

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